Halloween Horror

Halloween Horror

Fear Rises On The Emerald Coast


Welcome to the biggest fright experience ever in Destin! For the first time, Big Kahuna’s unleashes Halloween Horror! With three unique scare zones. Two terrifying haunted attractions. Darkened thrill rides illumined only by an eerie glow. And Club Blood serving up deliciously unnerving food and drink. 

(Dates TBD for 2020, details subject to change)


  General Public - $24.99 Season Pass Holders - FREE
Halloween Horror Experience   1 Time Through Unlimited!
Skycoaster 1 Ride Unlimited!
Cyclone    1 Ride Unlimited!
Mini Golf 1 Game Unlimited!



If you think clowns are funny, you’re in for a shock. These frightful jesters are full of menace. One stroll through the house of mirrors may well push you over the edge!


Prison Outbreak

Suddenly, orange is all the rage. And we do mean rage. At this maximum security penitentiary, the inmates are on a bloody rampage. They’re zombies now. And look who just showed up in the cell block.


Headless Hollow

If you have the courage, step into the fog of the hollow. Don’t let the bizarre sights and sudden screams rattle you. Whatever you do, keep your head!


Pirate Point

Where did the pirates go, long after they died? No grave could contain their bloodthirsty greed. After this encounter, you’ll understand why the skull and crossbones are a fitting symbol.


Voodoo On The Bayou

As if swamps weren’t scary enough. Add some serious black magic, wicked curses, shrunken heads and demonic gators. Ward off the evil any way you can!


Club Blood

Kick back with the undead for your favorite beverage. Bloody Mary, anyone? Plus Bat Wings and other delightfully wicked food. And party music that gets the blood pumping, even in a vampire.


Otherworldly Rides & Attractions

Cyclone and Skycoaster will be running…in the dark. Take your seat. Just don’t look who’s behind you! Then play a round at Tropical Golf, where mini golf becomes eerie golf.




WARNING: Halloween Horror at Big Kahuna’s may be too intense for kids 13 and under. No masks or costumes permitted.

  Price Basket
BBQ Zombie Brains   $7.99 $9.29
BBQ smoked Pulled Pork sandwich    
Frankenstien Finger on a bun (all beef hot dog)    $5.99 $7.79
Fried Zombie Toes and bloody fries   $9.29
Chicken tenders served with Waffle Fries    
Bloody Waffle Fries $3.79  
Waffle fries with Ketchup     
Spooky Nachos (Fungus infected zombie toenails) $3.99  
Tortilla Chips topped with Nacho Cheese sauce and served with a side of       
Add Zombie Guts (Chili) $0.99  
Add Buffalo zombie toes (chicken tender w/hotsauce) $1.99  
Add Zombie Brains (Smoked Pulled Pork)   $1.99  
Parmisan Zombie Knuckles (garlic Parm dough Knots) $3.99  
Bloody Mummy Fingers (Funnel Sticks dusted with Powered Sugar and a Strawberry Glaze)    $4.99  
Add Grave Dirt (Oreo Cookie crumbles) $0.29  
Spookies and Cream Dippin Dots    
Regular $5.29  
Large  $6.29  
I V  in a cup  Large Fountain Drink    $3.99  
Blood Bags  Oasis Fozen virgin Daquiri Drink $4.99  
Plazma Bags  Oasis Adult Frozen  Daquiri Drink $6.99 $5.99
Blood / plazma souvenir pilzner / refill $8.99  
Syringe Sharp shots    
Icee $3.99  
twisted yard / refill $5.99 $2.99


All Items Plus Sales Tax